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Monthly Pack. 3 x Pocket packs of 20 Flushable Poo Bags: Total 60 Bags

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Monthly Pack 3 x  Pocket packs of 20 Flushable & Biodegradable  Poo Bags

Total amount of poopbags: 60

The bags are totally clear and not coloured.

Flushable and Bio-degradeable, Water Soluble , PVC Free , Durable & NOT Imported

The poo bags look similar to your existing dog waste bags but on returning home these can be thrown straight into the toilet or down a Doggybog® as the bags are totally  

Flushable and Water Soluble 

On the way to the treatment works the bags breakdown, so helping you to play your part in reducing the carbon ‘pawprint’ & the waste ends up where it should be ....       in the sewage.


Whilst our main products is the flushable dog poo bag we do sell alternatives so if you prefer biodegradeable poop bags then click here:    biodegradeable dog poo bags in rolls

or biodegradeable dog poo bags in flat bags

Or if you prefer plain old plastic dog poo bags then click here: Standard dog poo bags 

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  • 4
    Flushable Poo Bags

    Posted by Trevor on 25th Mar 2019

    I bought these bags from an environmental perspective as an alternative to standard 'nappy' bags which in all reality will never break down once in landfill and also instead of the new generation of 'eco' poo bags which again do not actually fully biodegrade but just break down into smaller particles of plastic.
    I was prepared for slight differences and disadvantages when compared to more traditional poo bags so please read on.....
    The reason I have only given 4 stars is because of the practicality of using these bags which I shall explain.
    They come 'flat packed' and can tend to want to stick together.
    They can be a little more difficult to open which would be more of an issue in the winter with cold hands.
    They have no handles so the more dogs you have the more of an issue it will be to get the bags home although I just use another small carrier bag with handles for this until I get home.
    The 'no handles' is also a good thing because these bags should not be sealed or they take longer to break down and flush. If you seal them it will look like you have a Portugese Man-o-War jelly fish floating in your toilet, trust me!!
    All in all I am glad I decided to give these bags a try.
    They are very large and so far have proved to be very strong to the point where I would still be happy to bite my finger nails after a walk with our 5 dogs some of whom download in places that challenge the strength and integrity of some of the previous bags used. I know it's gross but if you are chuckling then you know what I mean!!
    As a final point I was sceptical that they would start to break down whilst on the walk particularly with moist poo but so far no problems.
    The key to them dissolving quickly I think relies on contact with moving or running water which means that on occasion they may still not flush away on the first attempt but that is not an issue for us as it is just us two and our dogs so nobody is concerned about a 'doggie job' still in the pan now and then, but don't forget the Man-o-War scenario!!
    Joking aside and used in conjunction with the 'Doggy Bog' external trap fitting to the soil pipe it would most likely be an out of sight out of mind scenario.

  • 4
    Flushable bags

    Posted by Simon on 6th Jan 2018

    Good product, does the job well.

  • 5
    Does what it says on the tin!

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jun 2016

    We recently got a dog and I was concerned from the start about the potential to be generating more waste in the world. I am pleased to say that these bags work as advertised and I am very happy not to have to be putting poo bags in the bin every day.

  • 5
    Great invention

    Posted by jenny on 25th Aug 2015

    these are great and such an easy way to get rid of dog poo , already ordered second lot thanks

  • 5

    Posted by Deborah on 13th Aug 2015

    We were a bit worried about flushing dog poop down the toilet but it really does make sense! The bags are a good thickness & large enough (We have an Akita!) Again, it's a good idea to leave it in the toilet basin for a few minutes, so that they flush better. No more gross pile of poo bags to put in the refuse collection & it makes sense to just flush it away. Now why didn't I think of that? Will definitely recommend to my friends at work etc.

  • 4
    Great idea

    Posted by Abby on 20th Jan 2015

    I am still getting used to these and must admit to being nervous about getting poo on my hand when picking it up but that hasn't happened. I also keep having to remember not to tie them and instead to roll them up and get all the air out, but on the whole they seem to be working well. They don't always go down first flush, but as another reviewer said - if you leave it for 5 minutes then it goes down easily. I am certainly glad not to have to deal with the poo bin every week so in that sense I love them. They are also much better for the enviroment and that makes me happy!

  • 5
    They work brilliantly

    Posted by Jane on 15th Feb 2014

    Why no one has thought of this before I'll never know.
    The bags are thick and large, which is great and makes it all so much easier. No treks across the muddy garden to an unpleasant smelling bin in the winter. Just pop in the loo knowing that less landfill too.

    Looking forward to not having a really smelling dustbin when the weather warms up and plan on buying more so we don't run out. So glad my friend recommended them to us.

  • 4
    Fantastic idea

    Posted by Oska (Collie Dog) on 5th May 2013

    These are just fantastic. The plastic is thicker than the sandwich bags we have been using. We simply pick up the poop then pop it down the loo when we get home. We tend to leave it for a while and then it just gets taken away with the next flush.
    The only thing that we found is that it is worth the time folding the bags up and putting them back in the waterproof holder bag for ease of use when out and about.