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Instructions for use

Instructions for using the Doggybog Flushable Dog Poo Bags

  • Use as a standard dog waste bag to pick up your dogs poop. The flushable poo bags are strong enough for even the bigger  breeds. You should NOT need to DOUBLE BAG!!


  •  Roll up the bag expelling as much air as possible. This helps in the breakdown of the bag in the water. DO NOT tie the bag as this will slow the breakdown process.


  • Drop the Doggybog Bag & contents into the toilet and flush.


   If it does not flush  straight away this is because there is too much air in the bag. Wait a couple of minutes and reflush.


  •  If you are unsure if the bag will break down please take a new bag and fill it in a sink with water and watch how fast the bag starts to break down - once the bags are in the sewage system the natural agitation of the flow of water will break down the bag further.

These bags are made of the same film that is used on washing tablets, dishwashing tablets, laundry bags, etc.