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Flushable Bags


The 2017 flushable dog poo bags are now being made without any colour pigment. Apart from the colour they've been made to the same recipe so will disappear down the loo in exactly the same way as the previous bags

Yes you read it right ... 

Flushable and Bio-degradeable, Water Soluble, PVC Free, Durable & NOT Imported

To see how the bags works CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO

The poo bags look similar to your existing dog waste bags but on returning home these flushablebiodegradablewater soluble  poo bags can be thrown straight into the toilet or down a Doggybog® and flushed away.

On the way to the treatment works the bags breakdown, so helping you to play your part in reducing the carbon ‘pawprint’ & the waste ends up where it should the sewage.

Doggybog Bags are made from PVA/PVOH  polyvinyl alcohol  which is a water soluble film (very similar to the capsules used in liquid washing tablets). Once immersed in water the bag starts to break down and release the contents (the same idea is used by fishermen world-wide for baiting fish) the bag and waste are then sent down to your local sewage plant for processing. Great for the environment all round.

 Click here to see some frequently asked questions, but if you need any further information then please email us.