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Doggy Bog Waste System

banner2.jpgDog Poo – how do you get rid of yours?

We love our dogs whether they’re our faithful companion and best friend or a loyal workmate without whom life would be incomplete. But they do insist on leaving poo parcels for us to clean up.

So how can you dispose of your dogs waste in a quick and easy way?

Let us introduce you to Doggybog™ – a brand new product to make dog poo disposal less of a chore.

The Doggybog™ unit fits onto your existing outdoor soil pipe and can be DIY fitted in less than 30 minutes. Simple removal of the cap means that you can throw the dog waste down the pipe, then with the cap replaced you can flush it away. Your dog poo goes into the sewage system never to be seen or smelled again.

But what about when you’re out walking?

Let us introduce you to flushable dog poo bags – yes you read it right ... flushable.

The bags look similar to your existing dog waste bags but on returning home these flushable poo bags can be thrown straight into the Doggybog™, or even down your own toilet and flushed away. On the way to the treatment works the bags dissolve totally so helping you to play your part in reducing the carbon pawprint. Flushable poo bags are even safe to use in the rain!

So no more plastic bags needed to get rid of your dog waste; with flushable poo bags you’re even helping the environment.

Doggybog & flushable poo bags the friendly solution to dog poo disposal.